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Minimum documentation

No collateral

Pay interest only on usage

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We get you credit lines to save up to 5% by:

  • Pay upfront and get cash discounts from suppliers
  • Increase your buying power to get better rates from suppliers
  • Monetize your unsold inventory and invest in business
  • Increase your revenue with our business expansion loans

Manage your corporate finances by yourself or in a team

Working Capital Limit

i) Easy overdraft facility for payments to suppliers/vendors
ii) Upload suppliers invoices and pay them using OD facility
iii) Gain cash discounts from suppliers for paying early

Invoice Discounting

i) Any invoice billed to a customer can be uploaded
ii) Get instant money against that which you can use in your business
iii) Pay back when customer pays against that invoice

Merchant cash advance

i) Get cash advance against your UPI/QR code/Debit card/credit card sales

ii) You can use these funds for any business use

iii) Repayments to be done on daily basis from collections


i) If you run a business and need capital for your own fleet of vehicles
ii) Take funding against cost of vehicle and pay on daily basis
iii) Vehicle can be used for own operations/ commercial use

Term Loan

i) If you need money for a fixed tenure for capex or any other business need
ii) Repayments can be done in monthly EMIs in 12-24 months
iii) Prepayments also permissible

Warehoused stock

i) Any stock put in a warehouse can be pledged
ii) Upload invoices and warehouse receipt and get money against that
iii) You can pay back at the time that stock is sold/ you need stock
iv) Stock is released immediately on proportionate payment

How To Apply for availing credit online

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That is why we have a wide range of you can apply for a Personal Loan.

  • 1 Apply online by filling the form
  • 2 Our team contacts you to discuss your requirement
  • 3 Upload documents for verification
  • 4 We work with our lending partner to get you a loan
  • 5 Loan sanctioned in 3-5 working days
  • 6 You can use your limit

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Frequently asked questions

You can select and apply for a suitable loan for your business needs through our website or you can submit your contact details with requirement and our team will contact you.

Where can I use this loan?

We offer business loan to help expand your business in multiple ways. The proceeds of these loan should only be used for business purposes like stock purchase, hire new staff, machinery or equipment purchase, renovation, marketing Etc.

What documents are needed to apply?

You need to submit/upload your few documents:

  • KYC – PAN, Aadhar, Address proof, MOA/Partnership deed
  • Business – Bank statement for last 6-9 months, ITR for 2 years
  • Do I need to arrange a collateral for this loan?

    No, we do not ask you to arrange any separate collateral for this loan. However, the underlying assets like stock, debtors, new equipment will be under hypothecation till the loan is repaid in full.

    What is the interest rate and processing fee?

    Interest is charged in range of 18% to 24% depending on type of loan taken. Interest is charged only for the number of days loan is used by you. One time processing fee is charged @2% at the time of sanction on loan.

    What are the modes of payment of loan?

    We disburse all type of loan through normal banking channels. You can nominate a bank account of either your own business or supplier to whom you need to make payment and the loan amount is disbursed to respective bank account.

    What are the modes of repayment of loan?

    You can repay your loan amount or EMI through multiple modes of payments like Bank accounts, NACH mandate, Cheques, Paytm app, Phonepe app etc.

    Can repayment be done at any time?

    Yes, You can make repayment of your limits anytime to save on interest cost. In case of loan with EMIs, you can pay additional amount anytime to save on interest cost.

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