Embedded White labelled Finance Products

Offer various financial products to your customers by embedded financial Products into your platform. Go live within 2 weeks with powerful API’s/SDK’s


Why Choose Kredmint for Embedded Vendor Payment/Supplier Financing?

Strengthened Brand Presence:

Maintain a strong brand presence throughout the finance process. With our white-label solution, your supply chain partners will experience a cohesive and consistent brand experience, reinforcing your position as a trusted financial partner within the ecosystem.

Increased Customer Loyalty:

By offering customized finance solutions, you enhance customer loyalty and deepen relationships with your supply chain partners. Empower them to overcome financial challenges, accelerate growth, and unlock new business opportunities, fostering long-term partnerships

Streamlined Financial Operations:

Streamline financial operations within your supply chain ecosystem. Our white-label solution simplifies and automates processes, reducing manual efforts, minimizing errors, and enabling seamless financial transactions, ultimately driving operational efficiency.

Flexibility and Scalability:

Our white-label solution is built to scale alongside your business. Whether you are expanding your supply chain, adding new finance products, or catering to evolving market demands, our solution adapts to your growth trajectory, providing the flexibility and scalability you need.

Industry-Leading Support:

Benefit from our dedicated support team that is committed to your success. We provide comprehensive technical assistance, onboarding support, and ongoing training to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of the white-label solution within your ecosystem.

Who can use Embedded White Labelled Financial Offering

Automate your credit disbursal, payments, collections and other financial products through low code but powerful API’s

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Supply Chain and Logistics Companies

Seamlessly integrate our Vendor Payment/Supplier Financing solution into your existing systems, such as ERP or procurement platforms, to ensure a smooth payment experience

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E-commerce Platforms and Marketplaces

E-commerce platforms and online marketplaces can integrate embedded financial products to offer payment processing, working capital loans, and other financial services to their sellers and merchants

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Software and Technology Companies

Software and technology companies can integrate embedded financial products into their platforms or applications to provide financial services such as payment processing, subscription billing, or lending options to their users

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Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

SMEs can leverage embedded financial products to access working capital, manage cash flow, and streamline their financial operations. These products can include invoice financing, credit lines, and payment solutions tailored to the needs of SMEs

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Banks and Financial Institutions

Banks and financial institutions can collaborate with fintech companies to offer embedded financial products and services to their customers. This collaboration allows them to expand their product offerings, improve customer experience, and tap into new market segments

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Retailers and Merchants

Retailers and merchants can integrate embedded financial products to offer flexible payment options, such as buy now pay later (BNPL) or installment plans, to their customers. This enhances the purchasing experience and increases customer loyalty

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Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers can utilize embedded financial products to facilitate patient financing, allowing patients to manage their medical expenses through installment plans or medical loans

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Hospitality and Travel Industry

Hospitality and travel companies can integrate embedded financial products to offer payment processing solutions, loyalty programs, and travel financing options to enhance the overall customer experience

Steps to Apply for Embedded Invoice Discounting


Embedded invoicing Product APIs: Simplified and tailored for you

Kredmint Invoicing Product’ APIs are designed by developers for developers. Our aim is to dial down the complexity and fast track your Go-Live


Fast go to market


Detailed documentation and strong technical support


Robust API’s


Flexible Design


Available in different programming language


SDK solution for quick integration


Customised API driven solution


Types of Financial Products that we support

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Invoice Financing

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Line of Credit

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Term loan

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Supply chain Finance

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Merchant cash Advance

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Trade Finance

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What is embedded financing?

Embedded financing refers to the integration of financial products and services directly within a business platform or application. It enables businesses to offer tailored financial solutions seamlessly to their customers, such as payment processing, lending, insurance, or other financial services

How does embedded financing benefit my business?

Embedded financing empowers your business to enhance the customer experience, increase customer loyalty, and drive revenue growth. It allows you to offer convenient and customized financial solutions within your platform, simplifying the purchasing process, improving cash flow, and expanding your product offering.

Can embedded financing be integrated with our existing systems?

Yes, embedded financing can be seamlessly integrated with your existing systems, such as ERP, CRM, or third-party platforms. Through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or SDKs (Software Development Kits), the integration process can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring compatibility and a smooth transition.

What financial products can be embedded within our platform?

Embedded financing encompasses a wide range of financial products, including payment processing, lending options, insurance services, and more. Depending on your business requirements and target audience, you can choose the specific financial products that align with your customers needs and enhance your value proposition.

Is embedded financing secure for our customers?

Security is a top priority in embedded financing. Reputable fintech partners implement robust security measures, encryption protocols, and compliance standards to safeguard customer data and financial transactions. They adhere to industry best practices and comply with regulatory guidelines to ensure a secure and trustworthy financial environment.

What are the advantages of offering embedded financing to our customers?

By offering embedded financing, you can provide a seamless and streamlined experience to your customers. They can access financial services directly within your platform, eliminating the need for third-party applications or additional steps. It enhances convenience, improves customer satisfaction, and fosters deeper engagement with your brand.

Can we customize the embedded financing solution to fit our branding?

Yes, embedded financing solutions can be fully customized to align with your branding guidelines. You can maintain consistency in the user interface, user experience, and overall design to ensure a cohesive and branded financial experience for your customers.

How can embedded financing help us attract new customers and retain existing ones?

By offering embedded financing, you differentiate yourself from competitors, provide added value to your customers, and create a more comprehensive solution. It attracts new customers who are seeking convenient financial options and fosters loyalty among existing customers who appreciate the seamless integration and tailored financial services.

What support and resources will be available during and after the integration?

Reputable embedded financing providers offer comprehensive support and resources throughout the integration process and beyond. This includes technical assistance, documentation, training, and ongoing customer support to ensure a successful integration and smooth operation of the embedded financing solution.

White labelled Finance Products

Experience the power of White Label Embedded Financing and revolutionise your supply chain finance offerings. Seamlessly integrate our customizable finance solution within your ERP or third-party systems to elevate your brand, strengthen partnerships, and drive financial growth. Contact us today to learn more and embark on a journey of financial empowerment

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